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Strategic management

Assessment Details

In groups of no more than three students you are to select a superior-performing (industry above-average performance) firm that is listed on a stock exchange and provide background information on the firm and the major industry it competes in. Using Porter's Five Forces framework, examine the competitiveness of the firm’s industry. Examine the distinctive features of the firm’s business-level and corporate strategy throughout its history that are the major reasons for the firm’s superior performance. Guided by strategy Gurus (Porter, Mintzberg), what would you propose to ensure strategy making is improved in the future? As a consultant to the firm, what would you have advised the firm for developing new capabilities to adapt to the changing industry environment?

Criteria used to grade this task

The assignment will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Your ability to interpret, analyse, and respond to the question asked in an appropriate manner

  • The thoroughness of research undertaken, extent of reading, collection of relevant data, and quality of sources consulted, etc.

  • Your ability to analyse source material and draw valid conclusions to support arguments etc.

  • Evidence of your understanding of firm level analysis and your ability to apply analytical frameworks and perspectives

  • Evidence of personal reflection and insight

  • Full acknowledgment of sources consulted, references used etc. including the bibliography

  • Evidence of your ability to logically arrange and present the materials to an acceptable standard

  • Presentation to the class

Submission details

One written submission per group (3000-3500 words excluding executive summary and references)

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