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strategic management and competitive advantage


Part 1-- Chapter 1 talks about mission statements for a company.  Why do you think so many firms spend such a great deal of time and money developing mission statements?  Do you think it really matters?  Does it create value? 

Maybe you subscribe to the theory that a company's mission really doesn't have any bearing on their performance.  Werd Al Yankovic did a song paradoy that makes fun of all the corporate speak that is out there.  See the video below.  Do you think he is right?  Fully explain your answers.

Part 2- Also, here is what I want you to do.  Go out and find a mission statement for a company you admire or maybe the one you work for.  Tell us the mission.  Do you think it makes a difference for the company?  Why or why not?



“Strategic management in the news”

As we cover each chapter, I'll provide a list of concepts from each chapter to guide you in your search for news items.  Search for business news that relate to one of the chapter concepts.  You don't have to post an article summary for each chapter.  You simply need to end the course with 5 article summaries posted here.  My advice is to collect articles throughout the semester and post your best 5 toward the end of the semester.

For example, a concept discussed in chapter 1What is Strategy and the Strategic Management Process?” is the strategic management process.  A news article that discusses new strategy a company is undertaking, and the reasons for it, might be good item for this discussion board.

Provide a summary of the news item (along with a reference to where you found it) and explain how it ties into the strategic management concept discussed in chapter 1.  I'm looking for well-thought out comments so plan on writing more to explain fully.

You can also comment on another classmates post (and I highly encourage this) but make sure you offer some new insights.

News items must be from reputable sources.  A list of some of my favorites (although not the only ones you can use) are in the Resources section.

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