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strategic management seminar (text- crafting and executing strategy: the quest for competitive advantage)

The walt disney company:

  1. Compute the performance of Disney in each of the years 2011-2015 using the following indicators: gross profit margin, net margin, return on assets, operating cash flow ratio, sales growth, total return to shareholders, and market-to-book ratio (the same six indicators that you used in Case 1). Compile a table showing the values for each indicator in each year. Each row should be an indicator; each column should be a year.
  2. Analyze the dynamics of Disney’s performance on each indicator. Which of the 2011-2015 was the best year for Disney, in your opinion? Why?
  3. Explain changes in each performance indicator for Disney from year to year using the concepts and theories in Chapters 7-9. You are also welcome to use the relevant theories in Chapters 1-6. Make sure you consider the mergers and acquisitions that Disney made and alliances that Disney entered. How did they affect Disney’s performance from year to year?
  4. Did Disney make any changes to its international strategy in 2011-2015? If so, how did those changes affect Disney’s performance?
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