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Statement of Financial Cash Flows.

please explain further

On March 31 , TCL issued bonds at face value . The semi - annual bands have6 . By the end of the year , TCL had written off ascoupon rate of 1096 per annum . No boands were retired during the yeaad written off as uncollectible a total of $28 090ccounts receivable7 . TCL acquired assets by giving the owner 20 000 of its common shares . Thecommon shares were trading at $38 per share at the time and the farmarket value of the assets acquired was determined to be $8Do ,3 . During the year , TCL disposed of various items of equipHipment with a totalbook value of $65, 090 and the onginal cost of $80 000An existing turnkey manufacturing facility was acquired during the yearAnalyze PPE account continuityDuring the third quarter , shareholders holding 15 060 shares of preferredstock converted them into common at a ratio of 6 shares of common for eachshare of preferred9 . During the year TCI purchased $8 75 010 in marketable securities and soldsecurities . The market value of the portfolio at the end of the year was$390 000On July 20 , TCL sold 50 , 090 shares of its commoin stock for 541 per share .Page 3 01 8 - Winter 1 2018 - Student Working PapersPage 4018 - Winter 1 2018 - Student Working Papers
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