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Style Requirements: You do not need a cover sheet. On page one, top left corner, include the following: Your NameReading Reflections on [Christian Theism and Deism]Date 12-point Times New Roman o

Worldview Reading Reflection Assignment Instructions: The Universe Next Door.

Worldview Reading Reflection 3: Atheistic/Theistic Existentialism and Eastern Pantheistic Monism. PLEASE NOTE: You will have separate answers for Atheistic Existentialism and Theistic Existentialism. These two worldviews answer Sire's Worldview Questions differently.  

  • ExistentialismWorldview Reading Reflection 5: Islamic Theism

 Worldview Questions. List Sire’s answers for Worldview Questions 1 through 8 for the worldviews under examination. Include both the Worldview Question (1 through 8) and Sire’s answer for each.  

6. What I Learned about this Worldview. What was the most interesting thing you learned about this worldview as you read this chapter in The Universe Next Door? Why did you choose this particular thing?  If you quote directly from the text, be sure to include the proper APA citation format: for example (Sire, 2009, p. xx).

  1. The Beliefs, Principles, and Attraction of this Worldview. What are the main beliefs or principles of this worldview that people might find attractive (refer to Sire’s Worldview Questions and Answers for this worldview)? Why do you think people are attracted to the beliefs or principles of this worldview?

Work CitedSire, J. W. (2009). The universe next door: A basic worldview catalog (5th ed.). 


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