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Sub name - Ensure a safe workplace Assessment 1 Part One - Find information on national OHamp;S procedures Explore their website...

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Sub name - Ensure a safe workplace

Assessment 1

Part One - Find information on national OH&S procedures

Explore their website for:

·     Any national standards, codes of practice or guidance notes that may be of relevance in the music industry.

·     Health and safety information regarding noise and hearing, manual tasks and any other issues that you think might impact on your work in the music industry.

Make a report outlining the kinds of information available on their safe work Australia website that us relevant to work in the music industry.

Part Two - Find information on OH&S legislation in your state or territory.

For this activity you need to find your stare or territory OH&S government authority website and answer the following questions.

What is the name of the government department that is responsible for OH&S in your state or territory?

·     Does it have a website? If so, what is the web address for this department?

·     What is the name of the OH&S Act in your state or territory? In which year was it implemented?

·     Are there any Codes of Practice for people working In the music industry in your state or territory? Briefly describe want they are. If not, go to another state or territory to research the Codes of Practice for people working in the music industry.

Part Three - Find information on OH&S policies and procedures at your school or college.

1.   Does the school or college have and OH&S committee?

2.   If so, who are the representatives on the committee?

3.   Are the OH&S policies and procedures made available to students and staff?

4.   If a student or staff member has an OH&S issue that they wish to have addressed, whom do they need to inform?

5.   Do you have emergency evacuation procedures? If so, are emergency evacuation drills conducted regularly?

Assessment 2

Part 1 workplace policy

Investigate a local music venue's OHS policy and compare it to the legal requirements of all legislation.

Is the venues OHS policy:

·     Relevant to legislation?

·     In a written format?

·     Structured to cover the key OHS areas?

Discuss how the venues OHS policy demonstrates:

·     The store's commitment

·     A commitment to OHS

Identify any discrepancies or differences between what is currently being done in the workplace and what should be done by law.

Make suggestions on how any discrepancies could be addressed.

Part 2 OHS Standards Guidelines and Codes of Practice.

Identify all relevant standards guidelines and codes of practice that apply to your workplace.

Part 3 Hazard Management Plan

What type of Hazard Management plans will need to be in place for 'The Billboard'?

Outline the risk identification and assessment process

In your outline include:

·     The methods used to identify the hazard

·     What information is collected

·     An explanation of how the level of risk is measured

·     The frequency that identification will be carried out in the venue

·     Who carried out the assessment

- Develop a checklist that could be used 'The Billboard' to identify workplace hazards.

·     Then using the checklist identifies three possible hazards in the venue.

·     List the hazards in priority of highest risk to the lowest risk hazard

·     Develop a strategy to control the hazard that you have rated as having the highest risk

·     Make sure you reference the hierarchy of controls and risk values

- Hazard control measures

·     Using your 'The Billboard' as the basis, develop an appropriate response to the following situation using the six step improvement process outlined in this unit

·     Your workplace has a large number of back-related injuries. While the majority of them are minor you have been delegated the task of eliminating the problem.

·     Outline how you would address this situation. Include an implementation strategy and suggest ways to foster co-operation in all employees

Part 4 staff induction.

For 'The Billboard', and using research into similar venues, develop a training and induction plan.

Hazardous Substance component

Identify four hazardous substances in your venue.

Part 5 OHS recording systems

Research the OHS recording and reporting system used in a local venue.

What information is collected?

How are OHS reports monitored for:

·     Accuracy

·     Currency

What OHS recording system would you implement at 'The Billboard'?

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