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Subatomic Particles, chemistry assignment help

) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate charge corresponding to the given situation:

You must include the charge for the answer to be correct!  Enter the number first, followed by the charge.

Lost five electrons:Gained two electrons:Lost three electrons:Gained four electrons:

2.) Enter the correct number of electrons in the corresponding blanks:

IonNumber of electronsAl3+Fe3+Mg2+Sn2+Co2+Co3+Li+Cr3+Rb+Pt2+

3.)Enter the correct number of protons and electrons in the corresponding blanks:

IonNumber of protonsNumber of electronsCo2+ Co3+ Cl- K+ S2- Sr2+ Al3+ P3- H+ Ce3+ 


For each of the following Atomic Numbers, enter the correct corresponding element symbol and charge:

Capitalization counts!  The element symbol is case sensitive.

You must include the + or - sign for your charge to be counted correct.

Atomic NumberElement SymbolIon Charge11 53 38 55 88 9 13 33 12 20

Whenasked to enter the charge of the ion, you must enter the number alongwith the + or - for your answer to counted correct.  Just entering a +or - with no number implies a charge of 1+ or 1-.  So, if you end upwith two more protons than electrons, you must enter the value as 2+ (or+2; I have set up the assignment to accept either ).


Enter the correct number of protons, neutrons, and electrons for the given ion:

 IonProtonsNeutronsElectronsNi2+-59  Zr4+-91  Se2--79  Mg2+-24  Ag+-108  Po4+-209  Ta5+-181  Ga3+-70  Zn2+-66  Os8+-190 
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