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Summary of existing or proposed solutions of differing groups. The U. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) 1. Significantly involved in...

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  • Summary of existing or proposed solutions of differing groups.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

 Significantly involved in assisting people with disabilities. They provide education and training to employers for them to be informed as much as possible and prevent any discrimination. 

However, they also provide protection and legal assistance to those who feel they may have been discriminated. If they determine discrimination has occurred, they will try to settle something between both, if not; a lawsuit may be filed.

Disability and HR

The Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability provides a section where they list Accommodations for specific handicaps. These include accommodations for those hard of hearing, visually impaired, brain injury, epilepsy, or spinal injuries (2016). 

Reasonable accommodations would include being able to take an application home for someone to read the material to them, additional breaks or access to snacks if needed due to a medical condition, providing safety equipment for those with epilepsy. For those with spinal injuries, reviewing the interviewing area.

Federal Tax Incentives that encourage employers

Small Business Tax Credit- for providing reasonable accommodations

Work Opportunity Tax Credit- for company’s decisions in hiring

Architectural/Transportation Tax Deduction- for businesses removing barriers to those with disabilities 

Disability challenges certainly exist in other countries. Approximately one billion people in the world have some disability (World Report on Disability, 2011). Disabilities have a significant influence on many of the people in emerging nations. According to Annual Disability Status Reports everywhere show 10 per cent of the overall country's inhabitants, or approximately billions of individuals, living with disabilities. In most of the Society for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nations, women are affected in larger numbers of disability than men (Disabled World, 2016). The primary reasons is due to increase lifespan and the number of elderly people, the rise of new diseases such as AIDS/HIV, drug and alcohol abuse, and stress. These issues are handled by the different groups based on statistical data collected based on the unrelenting issues presented. However, The World Report on Disability (2011) offered nine important recommendations that will be beneficial for all countries. The list is as follows:Permit admittance to all majority guidelines, classifications, and facilities: individuals with disabilities must require admission to the same amenities (healthiness, education, societal) as the overall communityParticipate in particular services and programs for people with disabilities: however mainstreaming is the perfect, occasionally provision amenities, such as therapy and working out are necessary to attain equality.Implement a nationwide incapacity policy and strategy of action: an incapacitated national policy will offer a long-term visualization for the nation and provide a mechanism for bringing together and observing of the struggles.Include individuals with disabilities.Develop social source aptitude to safeguarding contribution and non-discrimination.Make available acceptable funding and develop affordability: contemplate the economic sustainability of the public exploit proposal and packagesBoost community consciousness and perception of disabilityDevelop disability statistics groups.Build up and encourage evaluations on incapacitated people.

Though the ADA continues to enforce regulations and assist with mediation, the physically challenged continue to have limitations with the workforce. The ADA can only apply which is considered to be reasonable accommodations to the working environment. There are many Americans that continue to struggle in the workplace with disabilities and want only want to be a productive part of the workforce.


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