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supply chain career development

Professional Development Essay on supply chain management, specifically purchasing/procurement

For this essay you will examine the roles of professional development as a complement to your academic work.In particular you will explore professional organizations related to your career goals, identify and discuss networking channels, and examine the services and resources provided by Career Services that can assist you after graduation.

Professional Organizations: Choose two professional organizations that are appropriate for your area of concentration, and that will help support your career plans. These should be organizations that would help grow in the chosen area; not ideal workplaces.

List specific advantages and disadvantages to joining these organizations.What benefits and information does this organization provide?You may also use organizations you currently belong to.In addition to discussing these organizations in your essay, create an APA formatted Appendix that will be the last page of your assignment.In your Appendix, include a list of the professional organizations you discussed in the essay along with the following organization information: website, phone/fax numbers as well as local/regional/national chapter information.

Networking: Explore the concept of networking and consider your future field.What are the possible benefits of networking within your field?Discuss possible networking channels that would assist you in achieving or advancing toward your career goals.Provide examples of where and how you can network.Are there things you can do as a student to increase networking potential by the time you graduate?Create a plan that will allow you to increase your networking potential over time, as you get closer to graduation.In your plan discuss how your networking may change over the course of your program as you approach graduation, and how this might look different than your networking efforts post-graduation.

Career Services: Summarize the career services that are applicable to your future career.What career services are you most likely to use, and how might they help you advance toward your career goals?

Are there additional professional development opportunities you can participate in that will further prepare for your future career?

Submission Guidelines

  • Develop a 3-5 page Word document (excluding appendix), per APA guidelines.
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