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Suppose it is a hot summer day (104.

I need help figuring out a practice question for myself so I can know how to solve a problem like this. Suppose it is a hot summer day (104.0 oF), and you have left a can of hairspray outside so the gas within it is now at the same temperature of its surroundings. As part of your chemistry lab class, you have to build a safe and effective potato gun to share with the local elementary school, and you must be sure that the combustion chamber is well insulated and will not harm (burn) the shooter. You spray the warm hairspray into the 2.50 L chamber on your gun. You seal the cap, then ignite it, and the resulting gas expands to 12.0 L as the potato is shot out.

What is the final temperature, in Celsius, inside the combustion chamber?

What is this temperature in Fahrenheit?

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