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Synthesizing and Evaluating Valid and Reliable Research

Develop a qualitative or quantitative research proposal based the information derived from Unit 2 and Unit 3.

Appraise the results of statistical calculations to determine plans of action and performance

Include the following in your proposal:

  1. The statement of the problem and any subproblems
    • The hypotheses
    • A definition of key terms
    • The assumptions
    • A statement of the importance of the study
  2. A review of any related literature
  3. An example of the data and treatment of the data
    • Research methodology
    • Specific treatment of the data for each problem as defined
    • Statistics to be used in the research analysis
  4. The qualifications of the researcher and associates
  5. An outline of the proposed study (steps to be taken, time line, etc.)
  6. References
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