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Take a moment to review the Guidelines for Written Assignments and follow these expectationsYou will answer a total of 5 critical thinking questions/prompts.Pick four questions/prompts from #1-7 to an

  • Take a moment to review the Guidelines for Written Assignments and follow these expectations
  • You will answer a total of 5 critical thinking questions/prompts.
    • Pick four questions/prompts from #1-7 to answer
    • Everyone must answer #8
  • Each response should be an accurate, thoughtful and thorough explanation given in a paragraph per question. Paragraphs should be at least 5 sentences but no more than 10 sentences.
  • Format your document so that you have the question bolded and your response in regular text. Do not write your responses in any color except black.
    • Example: What color is an apple?


Critical Thinking Questions/Prompts

  1. Describe three of the underlying principles that Baltes identified for his lifespan perspective. State why the three you chose are important to consider when assessing one's development.
  2. One's chronological age, biological age, psychological age and social age are different ways to conceptualize age. What is your or a character's age for each type? Give one reason you provided that age for conceptualization of age. For instance, you may state Billy's psychological age is 10 years old because he performs as well as a fifth grader on math, reading, and writing tests even though he is in the 9th grade.
  3. How are you different today from the person you were at 6 years old? What about at 16 years old? How are you the same as the person you were at those ages?
  4. Describe the nature versus nurture controversy, and give an example of a trait and how it might be influenced by each?
  5. Compare and contrast continuous and discontinuous development.
  6. What is deception? Why is deception used in research studies? Why should you debrief participants after a study or after their involvement in a study is over when deception was used?
  7. Select one of the following contemporary theories: psychosocial theory, Piaget's cognitive theory, Vygotsky's cognitive theory, or ecological systems theory. How would you use this theory to understand people in your future profession? What is your critique of this theory in at least 2 sentences? You cannot state that you do not have a critique.
  8. Read the vignette below. What type of research design is this (correlational, experimental, descriptive)? In at least one paragraph, explain/justify your answer using terms (i.e., at least 5) from the text/lecture to justify your answer.

Research Vignette

Researchers posted ads online to recruit individuals for a study of a new treatment for depression. 129 people responded to the advertisement, however, 90 individuals actually reported being diagnosed with depression. Of the 90, 30 were randomly placed into a group where they would receive the new treatment (NEW). They were told that the treatment they would get was very promising, but new, so they had to be monitored carefully for any side effects that may be undesirable. Thirty other participants were placed into a group where they would receive an older type of treatment (OLD). These participants were told that they were not receiving the new treatment, but the old treatment, so side effects were unlikely. The last thirty participants received no therapy or treatment (NONE).

After six months of treatment, participants in the NEW condition were exhibiting 70% less symptoms of depression than when before they started treatment. Participants in the OLD condition were exhibiting 50% less symptoms, and participants who did not receive any treatment (NONE condition) exhibited 30% less symptoms than before treatment. The researchers were very happy with results and concluded in their study (which they were trying to publish) that the new treatment was much more effective for depression than older treatments.

 Needs to be in APA format 

The research vignette  will be separate but still add it on the same paper 

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