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Tell Me Who You Are Local History Project Instructions: For this project, each student must interview at least one individual. You may interview a family member, relative, friend, neighbor, classmate,

   Tell Me Who You Are Local History Project Instructions:For this project, each student must interview at least one individual. You may interview a family member, relative,friend, neighbor, classmate, co-worker, fellow congregant, or others. The purpose is to record and document a person orsomeone from an organization whom you admire and respect and has contributed to your respective community. Youshould conduct an interview of at least 30 minutes in length. You must upload a brief video clip or audio recording of theperson interviewed. An eCampus link will be provided for you to upload your essay and brief video/audio clip. Inaddition, you must read the first five chapters of Tell Me Who You Are. Then, choose one story from each chapter toinclude and analyze in your essay. Be sure to read the book’s introduction, as well as the chapter introductions, to gainsome context and a better understanding of the book’s major themes.Upon completion of the interview and reading of Tell Me Who You Are, Chapters 1-5, you must write an essay of 3-4pages about your interviewee and the stories you have read from Tell Me Who You Are. Additionally, you must reflect onwhat you have learned from your interviewee and the book chapters and assert your own analysis. Try to connect thehighlights of your interview with the people you have read from the book. For example, what are some sharedexperiences? What are some different experiences? What personal themes come up in your interview and chosen stories?Do not copy and paste or plagiarize from other sources or AI tools to write your essay. Your essay must be properlytyped: 12-size font, double-spaced, in paragraph form, with complete sentences, and one-inch margins. Include a separatetitle page—title of your essay, name, course, date, and your professor’s name. Your entire paper must be uploaded ineCampus.At the start of each interview, state your full name, the interviewee’s full name, name of organization (if applicable),location, time, and date. Below, is a list of potential interview questions that may help guide you through the interview:1. Please tell us your full name and age. Additionally, please share a little bit about yourself (family, hobbies,career, community work, etc.).2. Were you born and raised in North Texas, or did you relocate here?3. How long have you lived in North Texas? Or when did you first arrive in North Texas?4. What motivated you to remain here or resettle in North Texas?5. What were some of the early challenges to living or resettling your life in North Texas?6. What are some of the things you like about living in North Texas? (people, culture, lifestyle, food, etc.)7. What are some the things you dislike about living in North Texas? (traffic, weather, pollution, food, lifestyle,culture, etc.)8. Where did you go to school for your primary and secondary education (K-12)? Did you attend college? Pleaseshare your educational experience.9. Do you define your life or resettlement in North Texas as successful thus far? Why or why not?10. Do you know your neighbors or attend social gatherings regularly? (Social gatherings include large family get-togethers, religious ceremonies, holiday celebrations, special events, etc.)11. Are you actively involved in your own community or neighborhood? If yes, then in what ways are you engagedin supporting your local community or neighborhood?12. What are you most proud of about yourself, your community, and/or your organization? Please explain why.13. What advice would you wish to share with others about living in North Texas?14. Would you recommend others to move or visit North Texas? Why or why not?15. Do you have any other comments you wish to add or share?To review, in order to complete your local history project, you must complete the following steps:1. Choose a person from the DFW area to interview.2. Conduct an interview in-person or virtually. An interview should be at least 30 minutes.3. Read Tell Me Who You Are, Chapters 1-5.4. Select one story from each chapter to be included in your essay.5. Write an essay of 3-4 pages about your interviewee and selected stories from Tell Me Who You Are. Reflect whatyou have learned and assert your own analysis and thoughts. Be sure to include a separate title page.6. Upload your entire essay in eCampus. 

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