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In addition to the information about the term paper in your syllabus, the following quidelines will assist you in preparing an acceptable term-paper for this course.

1.        Select an appropriate topic and make sure that you have it approved by your instructor.  This includes the submission of a formal term-paper proposal which will include the topic and a brief single-spaced abstract of your paper.  You also should include a basic out line of your paper and a list of at least 5 scholarly sources, not counting your text book.

2.      Remember this is a scholarly research paper.  It is not written in the first-person.  No, “I”, “we”, or other personal accounts, stories of family examples.  This is not an essay, but scholarly research.  As such, all facts or ideas which are not general knowledge should be documented with a formal citation.  Use the ASA Guide or refer to the sample-term paper provided for the in-text citation format and the reference format.  If in doubt, document it.  (author, year).  Just changing a few words or summarizing the work of someone else STILL REQUIRES a formal citation.  If you use the author’s name in the text, follow it with the year of the publication.  i.e.,  Bates (2016) noted that…..  Add th page number if it is a quote.

3.      Quotes must include the page in addition to the author and year. (author, year:page).  Quotes more than a sentence should be indented and single-spaced in a reduced font.

4.      Please refer to the sample-paper provide in the course content section.  If your paper does not look like it, then you have not done it correctly.

5.      Your Turnitin.com originality score needs to be 25% or less.

6.      Pay careful attention to grammar, sentence structure, verb agreement, punctuation, spelling, and the other elements of quality writing.  If you would not hand this is in an English 1101 class then it is not appropriate for an upper-division university course.

7.      Make sure that you submit a copy of your paper to Turnitin.com at least 1 week prior to your final submission of your paper so that you will have time to address any issues or originality or make the necessary editorial corrections noted.

8.      Your final paper must have a title, your name, course number and date.  Also, you must have a n abstract (reduced font- single-spaced) and an honor statement.  These items do not count as part of the required minimum of 7 pages of text for this paper.  Standard 1 in. margins all around are appropriate.  No excessive spacing.

9.      The references must be compete, single-spaced, and separated from the text by no more than 4 lines.

10.  The FINAL COPY of your paper MUST be submitted by NLT the date scheduled in the course syllabus.  It must be submitted as a Word attachment in an email to me via the course (D2L) email.  Sending it via my general university email or just assuming that since it was submitted to Turnitin.com that it was submitted correctly is WRONG.  A number of students have done this every semester and their papers are marked late even if I am able to track them down.  Submitting papers correctly is your responsibility.

Instructions:  You are required to conduct scholarly research on an approved topic , integrating your findings with course/textual concepts and personal experience, if applicable.  Your written report will include and cite at least 5 sources (in addition to your textbook) within the body of your paper, which should be a minimum of 7 pages in length.  Your sources must be scholarly and not include Wikopedia, encyclopedia or non-academic web-sites   Also include a title page and bibliography (3 additional pages), making the total required page length 10+ pages.  Use the mechanics of good writing (spelling, grammar, headings, etc.) and ASA format on white paper (12 point Times New Roman or Arial font, ssingle-spaced, 1-inch margins on all sides, indenting five spaces for each new paragraph with no extra line spaces between paragraphs). Your paper should include subheadings for each of the required elements listed below for your topic.

Below is what have to be discuss throughout the paper.

1.      Identify and describe the religion

2.     Note the major social and physical demographics of its practitioners.

3.     Describe its origins and structure/organization.

4.     Explain the major articles of faith.

5.     Identify the impact of the religion on the community(ies) in which it is found.

6.     What are the significant historical events and historical figures associated with the development and growth of this religion.

7.     Identify the major sources of legitimacy or founding factors associated with the emergence of this belief system.

8.    Identify and thoroughly discuss the relationship between this religion and other religions.

9.     Why is this religion of interest to students of the sociology of religion.

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