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Term Paper Instructions.A. Research Topic1. You are free to select any topic related to genetics with the caveat that your topic must be approved by the instructor if it is not in the approved list be

Term Paper Instructions.

A. Research Topic1. You are free to select any topic related to genetics with the caveat that your topic must be approved by the instructor if it is not in the approved list below.

B. Required Paper Format1. Two pages of double-spaced text (the body of the paper).2. An additional literature cited page.3. submit as Word document or PDF file

C. Paper Content1. Literature review of the topic including at least one primary research article. The content of the paper will vary with the topic but should include:a. The genetic basis: what gene or genes are involvedb. Environmental factors: external factors that make the underlying genetics more difficult to understand or manipulatec. A description of the scientific methods that are used to address the problemd. A discussion of social, political, and/or ethical factors that enhance or diminish our ability to deal with the genetic problem.

D. Literature Quality1. You must cite at least three separate sources.a. The course textbook will not count as one of these works (although you may cite it as an additional work).b. Literature Quality will be assessed.c. 1 of the 3 sources must be primary literature (i.e. research studies, or review articles), meaning peer-reviewed scientific journal articles. Other quality sources include information for public consumption on websites of government health organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the World Health Organization and from professional organizations such as the American Medical Association and the Genetics Society of America. Marginal literature includes popular news magazines such as Time and Newsweek and newspapers. Unacceptable Literature = websites of individuals whose qualifications cannot be verified.2. You must provide in-text citations following each bit of information that is not common knowledge.3. A full reference for each work receiving in-text citation must be provided in a Literature Cited section at the end of the paper.

E. Approved Research TopicsPersonalized Genomics/Precision MedicineBioinformaticsComputational biologyBehavioral GeneticsAlcoholism/AddictionGenetics of Athletic AbilityAutismBipolar DisorderDepressionHomosexualityIntelligenceSchizophrenia Genetic TechnologiesFetal Diagnosis of Genetic DisordersGenetically-Modified FoodsGenetic Screening/Testing for DiseaseGene Therapy (Genetic modification of humans to treat/cure disease)CRISPR/Cas9Pharmacogenetics (Drug production involving gene technology)Genetics of CancerBreast CancerProstate CancerOther CancerCancer immunotherapyGenetics of Neurological/Neuromuscular DisordersALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)Alzheimer’s DiseaseHuntington’s DiseaseMultiple SclerosisParkinson’s DiseaseSpastic ParaplegiaOther Neurological DisorderHuman Population GeneticsGenetic DatabasesGenetics of RacePatterns of Human EvolutionForensic DNA AnalysisMammalian/Human CloningStem Cell Research

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