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Texas Government 3 page film essay from one of title listed

Pick a film from the list below. For the film you choose, write a clear and concise three-page essay addressing the following points: Briefly summarize the most important elements of the plot of the film. How does the film view those aspects of politics that we have discussed in class? Relate the film to specific readings that we have done in class. In your analysis, be sure to make use of specific scenes and specific quotes from the film. You should discuss, at a minimum, three quotes from your readings and three quotes from the film in writing your paper.

One-inch margins, single-spaced, 12-pt font.

Lions for Lambs

V for Vendetta

All the President's Men

Wag the Dog

The Insider

The Distinguished Gentleman


Primary Colors

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Charlie Wilson’s War

The Candidate

Thank You for Smoking

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