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Texas Government Paper Topic: Choose one current policy topic in the categories of heath and human services, transportation and infrastructure, education or environment. You MUST choose from one of th

Texas Government Paper 

Topic: Choose one current policy topic in the categories of heath and human services, transportation and infrastructure, education or environment. You MUST choose from one of these four broad areas but can choose any specific issue within these areas. you can use the policy chapters in your book for help. Then discuss how Texas is dealing with your particular issue. Discuss this issue, Texas’ approach to it and how Texas is handling it in context with the national government. (This means you may need to review the chapter on federalism as well as the policy chapters in the book.) Finally, make a case for how you think Texas should approach this issue and explain your decision and how you would implement it. (This is an important component, so make sure you do not neglect it.)

Remember, the most important part of this is to choose a position, explain why you chose it, and describe how would you implement it.It may be helpful to consider:

  1. Why did your topic arise?
  2. What is its history and development in Texas?
  3. Why is your topic important?
  4. Are there federal provisions or mandates that affect your issue? Do they benefit Texas in any way? How? How is federalism at play here?
  5. What are the competing positions regarding this issue? Who benefits from each position? Which do you ultimately think is the best option? Why?
  6. How would you implement our chosen position?

Formatting and Citation: Papers will be graded using the provided rubric to evaluate students’ communication and critical thinking skills as well as their personal and social responsibility. Papers should be:

  • At least three pages, not including citations
  • In 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font
  • Double spaced
  • With one inch margins
  • Critically thought out and well written
  • Proofread and spellchecked
  • Using academic language
  • Able to incorporate provided resources and research
  • Properly formatted and cited

Remember that content is more important than length. Citation and formatting can be in APA, MLA or Chicago/Turabian styles, but there must be both in-text and end citations. Failure to cite appropriately, like all other forms of plagiarism, will result in an automatic zero (0) grade. If you have questions about content, structure, formatting and/or citation, see me or visit the TJC Writing Center.

Core curriculum guidelines: Through a well-written assignment, students will:

  • Analyze a significant current political issue in Texas politics
  • Identify/Explain the methods used by major political actors to present their proposed solutions to that issue
  • Discuss/Describe how the student would address and present their solution to the issue in the context of their rights and responsibilities as citizen of Texas. (Students may adopt a solution offered by one or more of the major political actors)
  • Discuss/Describe how the student would promote their adopted solution to the issue in the context of their rights and responsibilities as a citizen of Texas.
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