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Textbook: Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration, Author: George D. Pozgar, Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Edition: 14. ISBN: 9781284231526 Section 1. 1. What is your opinion on pl

Textbook: Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration, Author: George D. Pozgar, Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Edition: 14. ISBN: 9781284231526

Section 1.

1. What is your opinion on placing a cap on punitive damages in a medical malpractice case? Can you put a dollar amount on pain and suffering?

2. Should healthcare providers be above any other profession when it comes to making errors? In your opinion, what is the best way to prevent error? If an error is made, should the patient be told immediately?

Section 2.

Please answer the following questions.

 1. Describe the kinds of evidence that a plaintiff can present in order to establish a negligent act.

  1. What defenses can a defendant present to refute a plaintiff's evidence?
  2. How do statutes of limitations favor defendants?
  3. Describe the differences between nominal, compensatory, hedonic, and punitive damages.
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