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Assignments 8094206 - Kindly revise accordingly for all for assignments per below comments. Thank you. Please do not charge me for this clarification request.Your paper is well written and covers the key areas of the assignment.Your assignment was to write a 4-6 page critique describing a conflict that took place in your organization and analyze it according to the following questions:All the definitions of conflict describe it as a process in which one party perceives that its interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another party. How the conflict you describe fits within this description?What are/were the causes for the conflict you describe? To which of the categories that appear in the article the causes you describe fit?Were there any individual characteristics that contributed to the generation of this conflict, what these characteristics are?How did the conflict affect the organization? Be specific when answering this question and describe any effect on individuals, relationships, communications, behaviors, structure, and issues.Describe how the conflict was resolved. If it wasn’t, suggest de-escalation tactics you suggest to be used in this case. The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered in your paper include:Describe the causes for the conflict.Describe any individual characteristics that contributed to the generation of this conflict.Describe how did the conflict affect the organization?Describe how the conflict was resolved.Your work answers all the questions and addressed most of the key aspects under analysis. Specifically: -- Precision: You did a good job in analyzing the readings and accurately describing the principles germane to this case assignment.-- Critical thinking: Your introduction could have been stronger. Including the definition of conflict ensured you and the reader had a common understanding of this key term. It is important to have a thesis statement within this introduction. A thesis statement is a statement that summarizes your position on the prompt. You should avoid rephrasing the prompt. -- Organization: (organization, thesis/position statement, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and formatting): Your paper is well written, i.e., it is well organized, and makes good use of headings to make your paper read more clearly. Additionally, the formatting of your paper was very good.-- Clarity: Your paper is well-written and is clear in addressing the key concepts. A reminder, cases are products expected to be written at the graduate level. Each paper should stand on its own e.g. the reader should not have to have prior knowledge of the assignment and prompts you were given. As stated above, a stronger introduction would have achieved this expectation. -- Referencing (citations and references): Your paper makes good use of citations and references throughout, and your formatting was very good.

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