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The Andy Griffith Show - Season 1, episode 12: "Stranger in Town"

The Andy Griffith Show

Season 1, episode 12: "Stranger in Town"

Essay should be 650 words at a minimum. Here are the issues that must be covered in the essay about the above Andy Griffith episode:

a. Episode number and episode title.

b. Summary of plot.

c. Mention of any new (nonrecurring characters).

d. Issues of interest"”for example, filming/production style, story approach, cultural content. In other words, why did you choose this episode? Why is it significant and interesting?

The material included in the Perspective and Interaction sections of each module is intended to provide you information and to give you issues to think about. These overviews are not intended to be used to help you complete your essay. In other words, please use the ideas from the overviews, but do not use their language. As well, do not use any outside research or information when completing this assignment. What do you have to say?

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