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The Costas of Havana ONE WEEK'S FOOD IN APRIL Grains amp; Other Starchy Foods:08 malanga (potatolike vegetable), 9.9 lb bread ration, 8.8 lb potato...

Cuba: The Costas of Havana 


Grains & Other Starchy Foods: $1.08 

malanga (potatolike vegetable), 9.9 lb bread ration, 8.8 lb

potato ration, 6.6 lb

white rice ration, 6.6 lb 

pasta ration, spaghetti, 2.2 lb cornmeal, 1 lb 

Dairy: $6.05 

yogurt ration,‡ 1.9 gal cheese, 2.2 lb 

Meat, Fish & Eggs: $15.71 

chicken, 3.3 lb

pork chops, 2.2 lb

egg ration, 12

fish,‡ 1.1 lb, caught by Ramon pork leg, frozen, 1 lb 

Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts: $4.19 

watermelons,‡ 26.5 lb

yellow bananas, 6.8 lb

oranges, 4.4 lb

pineapple, 2.6 lb

limes, 2.2 lb, for drinks and preparation of 


papayas, 2.2 lb guava, 1.1 lb

white onions, 4.2 lb green cabbage, 1 head black beans, 1.7 lb red beans, 1.7 lb lettuce, 1.4 lb cucumbers, 1.1 lb garlic, 1.1 lb tomatoes, 1.1 lb 

Doña Tina 

tomato sauce, 1 box red pepper, 8 oz

green pepper, 8 oz 

Condiments: $4.08 

vegetable oil ration, 1.1 qt

white sugar, 2.2 lb

salsa, 12 oz

red and green chili peppers, 8.8 oz salt, 8.8 oz 

Ybarra vinegar, 4 fl oz mayonnaise, 2.5 fl oz black pepper, 2 oz Maggi allspice, 2 oz oregano, 2 oz 

Wong Wing soy sauce, 0.9 fl oz

La Anita bijol (seasoning made from 

annotto seeds), 0.3 oz 

Snacks & Desserts: $5.00 

Cakes, small, 10 

Prepared Food: $3.05 

Spaghetti sauce,‡ 1.1 qt 

During the week Lisandra has lunch at school or joins her brother Mario at her aunt's apartment for rice, beans, eggs, and/or fish. Ramon and Sandra eat the same foods for lunch at their places of employment. 

Restaurants: $10.00 

Once a week, Sandra likes to go for Chinese food with the whole family; she likes fried rice. 

Beverages: $7.60 

Ciego Montero TuKola cola, 2 1.6-qt bottles 

Cristal beer, 7 12-fl - oz cans coffee ration, 1.1 lb

Amor liquor, 8.5 fl oz

tap water for drinking and cooking. 

Miscellaneous: Food Expenditure for One Week: Cerelac ration,‡ fed to dog. $1,475.88 

Cuban pesos: $56.76 

Question: Question: What does this family's weekly groceries reveal or suggest about 

  •  the family's standard of living? 
  •  the lifestyle of the family members' lives? 
  •  the political situation of the country? 
  •  the environmental impact of food choice? 
  •  the economic situation of food choices? 
  •  cultural influences? 
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