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the differences between Aladdin real story and disney movie

I need 4pages research paper about the major differences between Aladdin realstory and Disney versionaladdin movie made in 1992 included resources citationpage and abstract page

please follow the format and writ everything in the format and the resources.. 

Outline Format

I. Introduction

  A. Hook: 

  B. Background Information:.

  C. Thesis Statement: 

II. Body Paragraph 1

  A. Topic sentence: state difference 1

  B. Explain: 

  C. Give examples:

  D. Transition to BP 2: 

III. Body Paragraph 2 

  A. Topic sentence: state difference 2

  B. Explain: 

  C. Give examples: 

  D. Transition to BP 3:

IV. Body Paragraph 3

  A. Topic sentence: state difference 3

  B. Explain: 

  C. Give examples: 

  D. Transition to BP 4: 

V. Body Paragraph 4

  A. Topic sentence: state difference 4

  B. Explain: 

  C. Give examples:.

VI. Conclusion

  A. Restate differences:

  B.End with an opinion, recommendation, or prediction: 

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