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The Greater Lynchburg community, includes Lynchburg City, Bedford, Amherst and several other counties to make up Central Virginia region....

Part 3: PowerPoint Presentation

The presentation is to be developed and ready to present to vendors. It should include the following:

1.    A brief education for the vendor about the chronic disease. Be prepared to include some type of "sales pitch" to the vendor in this presentation. Part of your job is to make them want to change or adjust their offerings.

2.    An outline recommending food alternatives. This section should be complete with recipes, healthy substitutions, and any other information that may entice the vendor enough to include these offerings.

3.    Provide the vendor with three healthy substitutions to include on their menu from which consumers can choose.

4.    Be sure to include marketing tools to help the vendor "sell" this concept to community members. This most likely will be slogans, signs or any other eye catching sales appeal idea. Develop some examples for the vendor so the work is already done. Make your slides creative, colorful and eye-catching to show these examples.

5.    Use current AMA to cite information used on PowerPoint slides, and create a final slide to serve as your reference page.

6.    The presentation should be between 5-10 slides.    

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