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The IS Department

This assignment will assess the competency 1. Examine the introductory concepts requisite to managing information systems (IS). 

Directions: For this assignment you will pick a local, national, or global company and determine the various roles, functions, and careers found in the IS department. Write a paper keeping in mind the three primary responsibilities of information systems. Determine the steps you would take to find employment in the IS field. Discuss the characteristics of leaders and followers, including a compare and contrast between them. 

This assignment needs to have the following:

• A cover page (includes student's name, date, class title, and assignment title)

• Paper needs to be 1-2 pages (minimum 1 full page), 12 point font, double spaced, and writing is grammatically correct

• A reference page (If you are referencing information from a textbook or other source, then an APA formatted citation and reference page are necessary)

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