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The Job Description

 Choose an Allied Health Profession on page 35 (Exhibit 2.2) (which I took pic from the book and attached it down) to create a job description. Read through the attached document to see what information you need and the requirements of EACH section. You will be able to personalizeyour job description.

Use the 2-page template as a guide to create your job description and use additional resources (i.e. online resources, textbooks, page 3 of the attached document). If you feel like the position you chose requires more information than what I have given in the template, please add where you feel most comfortable. Remember, you are an HR manager; you will have to be able to use outstanding judgment and critical thinking in complex and sophisticated environments.

To earn you the most points available, the job description must be realistic, free of spelling and grammar issues, and your work (I will review safe assign scores of over 40% to determine plagiarism)

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