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The link between employee salary, personality traits and the degree earned also, the productivity in workplace in the Middle East.

Module 1: Assignment 2– This is an important assignment as it will dictate whether you have to go through the My Writing Lab portion of the class. I do want you to do a title page and use a running head to demonstrate that you know how to do them, but you really do not need to use any outside sources for this assignment. So, having no citations is completely fine; in fact, I'd recommend you do that so you don't make mistakes in writing up the reference page. Just come up with your own ideas in answering the question and write properly and with a good flow of ideas (one idea flowing directly into another, logically). Make sure you have an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, two paragraphs that give an exposition of your ideas, and a single concluding paragraph. So you should only have four paragraphs, double spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman font, with appropriate indentation at the beginning of each new paragraph and 1 inch margins on all sides. You will find the grading rubric for this assignment in the Doc Sharing link across the top bar here in the online platform (it is called "Module 1 Scoring Rubric"). You must review this and look to see what is expected for a score of a "3" in all areas, as if you do not achieve a score of a "3" in all the areas on that grading rubric, you will be required to do the My Writing Lab. So this is actually a rather important assignment.

Discussion of Academic Ethics (Writing Assessment)

In this assignment, you will be graded on your writing skills. Review the description of the My Writing Lab related evaluation in the Module 1 lecture pages again.

Review the rubric and make sure you understand the expectations well. You are required to demonstrate proficiency (level 3) on all five elements of the rubric.

Consider the following prompt and compose your response in a 5 pages paragraph essay with supporting examples:

Prompt: Suppose there were no rules for conduct of ethical research and no software to detect plagiarism.  Would it matter? Why or why not? Discuss. 

Criteria Explanation:

Writing Criteria: Assesses your level of writing skills

Organization = How have the ideas been structured so that the reader can understand them?

Writing Style = How clear and focused is the paper?

Grammar and Mechanics = How well has the paper been presented?

Analysis Criteria: Assesses quality of your thinking.

Analysis = How well has the writer considered the material/assignment and discussed/address it?

Review the elements of the rubric carefully and make sure you understand the expectations before beginning the assignment.

Review the rubric again after completing the assignment and use it as a checklist to ensure that your assignment has addressed all the necessary elements of the rubric criteria. As mentioned earlier, your goal should be to attain Proficiency (Level 3) in all elements of the writing criteria to pass this writing assessment.


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