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The official website of Major League Baseball, MLB. com, records detailed statistics about players and games. During the 2012 regular season, Dustin...

Week 7 - Discrete Probability Distributions Continued – ...

  • For this project you will be writing a report based on the attached document.  There are three questions that you need to answer within the report listed below.  For the first two, you should use Excel to make a small table, or use the table feature in Word.  Be sure to first explain in a paragraph what one is seeing in the table and any analysis that you find important, followed by the table itself.  Then for the third question, be sure to do a full analysis of the information to fully answer the questions posed.  Like any report you should have a separate title page, introduction, body paragraphs answering the questions including the tables, conclusion paragraph and finally a references page and in-text citations. 
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