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the paper 10 should have a clear thesis, using research

the paper 10 should have a clear thesis, using research and evidence (cited) as appropriate to support the thesis. The paper should be clear, concise and interesting. Fiscal Federalism Choose a subject that relates to fiscal federalism and regulations in the intergovernmental system (Mandates etc.) Research in depth on the subject history, background and outcome. How is the federal funding being used and what are the requirements and mandates. What are the impact of the mandate (local, agencies and the public etc.) How does it relate to what we have discussed in class? What is your opinion on the subject and how would you change or improve it.FormatThe papers must be submitted in 12pt, Times New Roman Font with double spaced paragraphs and 1 inch margins. (fail to follow this format will result in points taken off assignment)  The papers need to include in text citations and a works cited page (work cited page is not included in the page limit).  Plagiarism, either intentional or unintentional will not be tolerated.  Any student suspected of plagiarizing their paper will be reported to the department and the university for academic dishonesty.  If there are any questions about how to cite a text, consult the MLA or APA Handbook or talk to me for assistance

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