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The purpose of the “Document Analysis” assignments is to help you to practice making evidence based arguments about history. There is a brief introduction to each prompt. Chose a topic that interests

The purpose of the “Document Analysis” assignments is to help you to practice making evidence based arguments about history. There is a brief introduction to each prompt. Chose a topic that interests you. Take time to carefully study each of the sources given, keeping in mind what you might want to argue and sources that support your argument. Then write. The document analysis should be between 2-3 pages, typed and double spaced. There is no need to include a title page or section for your name and class information since Canvas keeps track of that. Focus your analysis on the content, which needs to include a clear thesis statement, evidence and facts that support the thesis, proper citation and a conclusion that summarizes your argument.

Answer only one question from one of the prompts. Be sure to type the question you are answering above your response. The first paragraph should clearly state your position and 2-3 points you intend to discuss as support for your position. The paragraphs that follow should be a discussion of your main points and should include an analysis (an explanation of how and why these points support your position) of the facts and referencing of the sources. Be sure to cite your references, from the prompt and the course text, within your your document (not at the end). The last paragraph (the conclusion) should be a summation of the points that support your position.

Be sure to see the rubric below for grading details.

Prompt 1

Since George Washington left office in 1796, presidents have used their farewell address as a means of offering the public and incoming president advice for the well being and preservation the nation. Dwight Eisenhower’s Farewell Address has become known as the “Military-Industrial Complex Speech” as the outgoing president warned of the dangerous relationship that was developing between the military, arms manufacturers and the government. As you read this document consider if his warnings have merit and are relevant today.

“Farewell Speech 17 January 1961 (Military-Industrial Complex Speech) (Links to an external site.); Dwight Eisenhower”

  1. In his speech Eisenhower warned of a threat to liberty. What liberties were being threatened? Who was threatening liberty and how could it be protected?
  2. What are the concerns that Eisenhower expresses about the relationship between the military, arms manufacturers and members of congress? Are these concerns legitimate or not?

Prompt 2

One of the most important desegregation cases of the 20th century was Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas 1954 which integrated public schools which reversed Plessy v. Ferguson 1896 which established separate, but equal among the races. The Warren Court employed one of the guiding principles of the Vinson Court, “apply separate, but equal in actual practice and examine if the conditions between white schools and black schools was equal or not” to decide the case. Southern States balked at integration and issued a response to the court’s decision known as “The Southern Manifesto”. As you examine the documents note the court’s rationale for integration and how the South countered these arguments.

"Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas 1954; Majority Opinion of Chief Justice Earl Warren (Links to an external site.)"

"The Southern Manifesto on Integration, 12 March 1956 (Links to an external site.)"

  1. What did Warren conclude about the importance of an “equal” education? Are his comments still relevant today and if so, how/why?
  2. What were the main objections of the South to integration? How did they justify their position and were their arguments valid?
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