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The reason why the answe is what it is. Choose the best answer.

Hello I need help with this question please provide full answer and break it down as to how you came up with the answer. The reason why the answe is what it is.

2. Choose the best answer. Justify for full credit.

(a) UMUC STAT Club wanted to estimate the study hours of STAT 200 students. One STAT 200 section was randomly selected and all students from that section were asked to fill out the questionnaire.

  1. This type of sampling is called: (i) cluster (ii) convenience (iii) systematic (iv) stratified
  2. (b) A study was conducted at a local college to analyze the trend of average GPA of all students graduated from the college. According to the Registrar, the average GPA for students with economics major from the class of 2016 is 3.5. The value 3.5 is a (i) statistic (ii) parameter (iii) cannot be determined
  3. (c) The hotel ratings are usually on a scale from 0 star to 5 stars. The level of this measurement is (i) interval (ii) nominal (iii) ordinal (iv) ratio
  4. (d) 500 students took a chemistry test. You sampled 100 students to estimate the average score and the standard deviation. How many degrees of freedom were there in the estimation of the standard deviation? (i) 99 (ii) 100 (iii) 499 (iv) 500
  5. (e) You choose an alpha level of 0.01 and then analyze your data. What is the probability that you will make a Type I error given that the null hypothesis is true? (i) 0.025 (ii) 0.05 (iii) 0.01 (iv) 0.10
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