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The Tip of the Iceberg Managing the Hidden Forces That Can Make or Break Your Organization Story by David Hutchens Illustrations by Bobby Gombert One...

Manager's Toolbox:Mapping a Business System Drawing from insights in Hutchens, The Tip of the Iceberg, (pp. 65- 70), select a system in your work organization, or an organization that you are familiar with, and apply the causal loop diagram, including a reinforcing and balancing process. In a 1-2 page paper, briefly describe the purpose of the system, the components of the system, draw a casual loop diagram, and in plain language describe the diagram.Causal Loop Diagrams have four basic parts: Point of Intersection (usually ellipses or circle) that contain values that can change Lines with an arrow showing influence direction A reversal indicator Time delay indicator Format the paper using APA style (1-2 pages only, not including title and reference page; use in-text citations to support your comments): Select an organization you are familiar with; First paragraph: Discuss the purpose of the system, definitely connect your comments to systems thinking research—teach me about systems thinking…; Second paragraph: Discuss the components of the system using appropriate terminology, again connect to research when appropriate using APA citations; Next, draw the diagram (use drawing tools in Word) including the balancing and reinforcing sides, arrows including direction, and variables that affect the system; Third paragraph: in plain English, describe the casual loop diagram’s purpose, components, etc.

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