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The witchcraft persecutions were a result of A) actual witches. B) the strain caused by a rapidly changing society. C) an attempt by the Catholic...

1. The witchcraft persecutions were a result of

A) actual witches.

B) the strain caused by a rapidly changing society.

C) an attempt by the Catholic church to get rid of Protestantism.

D) the failure of the scientific revolution.

2. In 1215 two major events occur, one is the Fourth Laterine Council which forbad Churchman to preside at Civil Trials and the other was the signing of the ________________

a] Treaty of Constantinople

b] Declaration of Independence

c] Magna Carta

d] Compact of Kiev

3. The renaissance began as a(n) ________ movement.

A) political

B) economic

C) literary and artistic

D) aristocratic

4. The compromise between English Protestants and Catholics that ended religious turmoil by 1570 is called

a] Edict of Henry VII

b] Elizabethan Settlement

c] Edict of London

d] Act of Toleration

5. Humanism is

A) the idea that man is the most important thing in the universe.

B) a focus on humankind as the center of intellectual and artistic endeavor.

C) a heresy in the Catholic church.

D) tied to medical discoveries of the 15th century

6. The Renaissance spread ________ from Italy after 1450.

A) north

B) east

C) to the Americas

D) to eastern Europe

7. Henry II of England is also known as _______

a] the Drunkard

b] the Wise

c] the Lawgiver

d] the Lawbreaker

8. Martin Luther was protesting

A) the growing power of the church.

B) missionary efforts in the Americas.

C) the selling of indulgences.

D) the mixing of church and state

9. The Black Plague wiped out 3/5ths of Europe's population

a] True

b] False

10. Bubonic Plague is thought to have originated in

a] China

b] Iran

c] Russia

d] Iraq

11. The Flagellant Cult is a reaction to the Plague

a] True

b] False

12. The Reformation enhanced the power of the state by

A) weakening the influence of Protestant churches.

B) encouraging splendor and ceremony.

C) weakening the power of the church.

D) creating stronger ties between church and state.

13. According to Luther and Calvin, a merchant's commercial success could be seen as

A) proof that man placed too much emphasis on the world.

B) merchants cared only about money.

C) proof of God's favor.

D) a non-Christian value.

14. Which of the following factors help explain why Italy was the initial center of the Renaissance?

A) City life was not well established in Italy.

B) Italy had unusually poor trading ties with other cultural centers.

C) The role of the church had declined in Italy compared to the rest of western Europe.

D) Italian intellectuals had a greater sense of contact with ancient Rome than did intellectuals in the rest of western Europe

15. The cultural Renaissance begins in

a] Italy

b] France

c] Germany

d] Austria

16. The Prince written by _________ is considered to be the consummate book on Renaissance Italian politics and politics in general

a] da Vinci

b] Machiavelli

c] Plato

d] Sappho

17. Humanism and Secularism reflect Renaissance thought and change from the Church's doctrines to

a] Pagan worship

b] personal independence and individual expression

c] building statues over churches and cathedrals

d] personal compliance and mass conformity

18. In @ 1455 Johann Gutenberg invents the ____________ which revolutionizes Europe and the world

a] the doughnut

b] the airplane

c] the computer

d] the printing press

19. In 1555 the Peace of Augsburg allowed the ___________ to decide the religion of his house and his subjects

a] Pope and Pastor

b] Prince

c] Priest

d] Minister 

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