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theory homework

 u have to wirt maximum two parahraph 

Take a look at the list below and pick one organization that interests you and explore the website.  Come to class prepared to share your findings.  In the discussion thread, note the organization your picked and a short description of their constituent group ( who they represent, who are their members) and their political or policy platform ( what issue do they lobby government?)

Are there or do you know of local/state/regional organizations that represent these same levels of government?

The Big Seven is a group of nonpartisan, non-profit organizations made up of United States state and local government officials. The Big Seven are:

  • Council of State Governments
  • National Governors Association
  • National Conference of State Legislatures
  • National League of Cities
  • U.S. Conference of Mayors
  • National Association of Counties
  • International City/County Management Association

These groups are influential in national government, often lobbying Congress to represent their members' interests.

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