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This assignment consists of a 5-paragraph essay and is worth 30 points. Essay requirements: 5 paragraphs, minimum1,250 words, minimumUsing the following resources:Textbook or assigned readingSupplemen

This assignment consists of a 5-paragraph essay and is worth 30 points.

Essay requirements:

  • 5 paragraphs, minimum
  • 1,250 words, minimum
  • Using the following resources:
    • Textbook or assigned reading
    • Supplemental resource provided in class
  • In-text citations are required for any concepts, data, facts, terminology, etc. obtained from any of the resources.
  • All resources should be cited in the body of the text whenever information from the resource is utilized.
  • Citations must include page numbers where available.
  • Resource list is required.

Please include data, facts, key terminology, specific examples and direct quotations from the textbook and other resources to support your main points(textbook in file location)

Cite all sources of information, using last name and page numbers in parenthesis in the text; for example: (Author’s last name, year, p. ###). Provide a resource list at the conclusion of the assignment formatted as in this example: Author’s last name, first initial. (year). Title in italics. Location of publisher: Publisher. 

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Right this minute you are managing the most important project of your life—the project that will help you succeed in every other project you ever take on: the project of graduating with your degree in sustainability! For this assignment, you are going to develop a project plan, with graduation as your goal.

  1. Introduction
  2. Initiation phase
    1. Who are the stakeholders? Who will be impacted by your education? (hint: way more people than you usually realize!)
    2. Conduct a risk assessment. What are the threats to your success?
    3. What resources might you draw on to keep working toward the project goal?
    4. How will you practice compassionate self-care throughout?
  3. Planning phase
    1. What is your ultimate goal (i.e. certificate, associates degree, bachelor’s degree, etc.) and what is your timeline? [For example, “I will graduate with my bachelor’s degree in 2025”]
    2. What are the deliverables you plan to achieve? Examples would include a GPA you are aiming for; a certain number of completed courses per semester; a certain number of hours of volunteering with a sustainability-related organization; the production of a portfolio you can use in your job search when you have completed your degree, etc. Identify at least 3.
  4. Anticipating the controlling and monitoring phase
    1. How will you monitor your progress every semester?
    2. Based on your risk assessment, what steps can you take to overcome potential obstacles and stay on track?
  5. Conclusion
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