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this homework for Adrian Monroe

I'm lost in the Project I have not done anything on it all done by one of the girl of the gruop ,so I do not what to do we will meet tomowro and we will see what part should everyone do, so just look at it and see if you can do let me know. and after the meeing will let you start on it

This from the prf

Group Project: Groups will be formed to construct a portfolio of 5 stocks. Each group will be responsible for keep tracking of the daily returns of the stocks and the whole portfolio. Each group will run regression to estimate the betas of each stock and the portfolio.


I have basically finalized the excel document, so we just need the comments about the stocks. Which one we would recommend/won't recommend. What was surprising? All of those questions. I will attach the file to this email and hopefully you all will be able to see it. 

But like I said, the portfolio itself is done (except for portfolio beta. I wasn't sure hoe to do that part.) So take a look at it and email me the comments. I can add those on. 

anther student So I was able to calculate the beta for each Portfolio and the overall portfolio beta! so the only thing left is to answer the questions. I attached the revised excel sheet

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