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This is for intro managerial accounting, thank you

Question 3: (12 marks)In addition to making hand sanitizer, Sanitex Inc, also manufactures three differentmodels of facemasks used in the health care industry. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic,the demand for all three models of masks will remain strong. For the upcoming month,the manager of operations estimates that "Woyex" the special fabric used in making allthree masks, will be in short supply. According to the production manager's estimates,Sanitex will only be able to secure 5,000 meters of the fabric for the next month ofproduction. The purchase price for Woyex is $80.00 per meter. Information relating tothe manufacturing and sales of the three models of facemasks follows:XIX2X3Basic ModelBetter ModelBest ModelEstimated Monthly Demand50,000 units75,000 units150,000 unitsUnit Selling Price$5.75$8.20$10.25Unit Manufacturing Costs.Wokex - Direct Material$2.00$3.60$4.80Direct Labor$0.7550.90$1.05Variable MOH$1.50$1.80$2.10Total Variable Unit Cost$4.25$6.30$7.95Note to students: Answer the question in the Excel worksheet template under thetab "Question 3" provided by your instructor.Required:Determine how many units of each type of masks that Sanitex should make for theupcoming month.

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