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This is for NJOSH only!!!!

Write a discussion narrative for EACH article (unless you are comparing and contrasting -- then you need to indicate such and clearly do this in your narrative). Must have at least two paragraphs for each article!


Your narrative should demonstrate:


  • Provide and show that you understand the major theme of the article. What was the point of it?
  • Provide what you learned that is useful? If it's not applicable, then make the case for why it won't/can't work. What will you do with this knowledge? In general, how does the article help students like you? You can also compare and contrast articles if that is easier. If you disagree with the article, then you could discuss that as well and make sure to explain why and provide evidence for your alternative position (NOTE: I don’t expect you to agree with every article – I don’t).
  • You can also apply the articles to your own life or just create an example. This doesn't have to be the case for ALL of them, but you should definitely do this for some of them. You can show that you can apply your learning to another situation, context, job, organization etc. So how is it relevant to you or your peers? Is it relevant to your current job, previous ones, in the context of working, how does the article help you or your peers manage/lead better?
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