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This is the Lab work for you

Hip and Knee

This week, you will complete three activities from your lab manual relating to the hip and knee. You will need to type the answers to the workbook pages in a Word document and submit the document in the online classroom.  You do not need to type out the entire workbook page, however you must submit the answers, numbered appropriately, in a readable format. Follow APA style when citing and referencing your course text and/or any outside sources as necessary.

    • Complete Activity 11 (p. 211).  You will match the outlined ligaments and structures to their function.
    • Complete Activity 8 (pp. 221-222). You will perform hip extensions with both a flexed knee and an extended knee, as specified (complete Parts A and B). Please note: If you have physical limitations, which prohibit you from performing this activity, you may select a healthy adult (at least 18 years of age) to complete this activity for you.
  • Complete Activity 15 (p. 230). You will match each ligament and structure with the respective function or characteristic.
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