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This paper will give you an opportunity to evaluate a failed organizational change, identify a theory that could have been used to develop the change, and aapply that theory to the failed change. The paper must follow these standards: be 8-10 pages o

This paper can be thought of in 3 main parts -

1.  Identify a failed organizational change.  Describe/discuss it.

2.  Identify ONE change theory from those we went over in class (and attached to the assignment).  Describe/discuss it.

3.  Apply the change theory selected to the failure.  Discuss how applying it YOU would prevent the failure.

Some examples of failed organizational change can be found in case studies on BlockBuster, Nokia, Kodak, and Circuit City to name a few.  You do not have to use these organizations, you can research your own but it must be a real organization with a documented failure

The paper must follow these standards:

•be 6-8 pages of content in length (Title page and reference page do not count!)

•have at least five outside professional peer reviewed resources

•follow APA standards (see APA folder in the Start Here section of BB)

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