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This video-based ethics case is titled quot;Trading Places.quot; Managers are regularly exposed to nonpublic company information but not all...

This video-based ethics case is titled "Trading Places." Managers are regularly exposed to nonpublic company information but not all managers choose to use nonpublic information for personal gain. This case explores the experiences of a day trader who was a member of a 17-year insider trading ring that resulted in profits in excess of $37 million. We will use this case as a source of a comprehensive and extensive discussion this week.

Please access the e-case by following these instructions. Trading Places Student Access Instructions - A202Tower Fall 17.pdf The instructions include one username and one password to be used by the entire class. 

Once you have logged in, view the case titled "Trading Places." When you have finished reviewing the videos, please respond to the questions posted below. Please note that this discussion is worth 50 points so I hope to see some serious thought and constructive ideas communicated in your posts. There is a great deal of opportunity for an excellent discussion this week, and I look forward to reading your ideas. 

  1. Decision making is a critical skill for today's manager. In your opinion, what factors impacted Garrett's decision to commit fraud? If you were Garrett, how would you have responded?
  2. Do you believe that Ken Robinson, Garrett's friend, violated their friendship by wearing a wiring and implicating Garrett in the scheme?
  3. Do you think regulation can deter insider trading? Why or why not?
  4. Do you think Garrett's loyalty to his friend (Ken Robinson) was the driving force behind his decision to commit insider trading?
  5. If you were faced with the same opportunities as Mathew Kluger by having access to confidential information, would you engage in insider trading?

Type in: https://training.heliosdigital.com User name: a202tower Password: iue Select Trading Place: Understanding the impact of insider trading.

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