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TIM 50 BIS: Homework 1 (Business Information System, Otis Case Study)Reading: Laudon and Laudon, “EMIS”, Chapters 2, 3; Course Reader: Otis Elevator Case Study (Work on the homework problems an

TIM 50 BIS: Homework 1 

(Business Information System, Otis Case Study)


Laudon and Laudon, “EMIS”, Chapters 2, 3; Course Reader: Otis Elevator 

Case Study (Work on the homework problems and do the readings 




Homework Problems (Due Thursday, 5 July 2018) 

For each problem below proceed in the following structured manner: define the problem; 

plan the treatment of the problem; execute the plan; draw conclusions. 

1.   Structured Problem-Solving


Select a familiar business software application similar 

to the one discussed in Lecture 1, and then use the structured problem solving approach 

to  logically  describe  the  IT  infrastructure  (software  and  hardware)  that  is  used  to 

support the application. (You will probably have to do some internet research to obtain 

supporting information



2.   Otis Elevator Case Study


Please read the case study 

Otis Elevator: Accelerating Business Transformation with 


and then answer the following questions:

1)   Apply Porter’s Competitive Forces Model to analyze the forces faced by Otis 


2)   Identify the problems faced by OTIS in each of the “primary or supporting 

activities”, and discuss how “e*Logistics” improved the various business 

processes at OTIS.

3)   What are the changes Bousbib wanted to see in OTIS elevator's business 


4)   Briefly  describe  the  early  information  systems  OTISLINE  and  REM  elevator 

monitoring system implemented by the OTIS, and explain how they transformed 

the elevator service

business process at OTIS?

5)   Why was the SIMBA program created and how did OTIS benefit from it?

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