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Timeline Exercise

Timeline Exercise Grading Rubric

Miscellaneous: See course syllabus for late policy. Points deducted after rubric filled out.

See Handbook for guidelines regarding plagiarism.

Rationale and Timeline are worth equal halves. Failure to include one or the other can result in up to 50% being deducted from the rubric score, at the instructor’s discretion.

Timeline Exercise Instructions


  • To highlight some of the most important events in Western Civilization from the earliest known civilization, through the break up of Charlemagne’s Empire.

  • To provide a rationale synthesizing and explaining the development of Western Civilization.

  • To provide a visual reminder of the passage of time.

General Requirements:

  1. Two submissions – the timeline (as either a PowerPoint document or using one of the online interactive timelines) and the rationale (see page 2 of the instructions).

  2. Timeline needs to be a horizontal line, showing some chronological scale.

  3. Timeline should contain 5 related events showing a specific theme in the development of Western Civilization.

  4. Rationale portion should clearly present an argument for how these events are related and why they are significant to the development of Western Civilization.

  5. All events on the timeline should occur between 3000 BC – AD 924.

Timeline Requirements:

  1. Determine a theme for your timeline – some ideas include: the history of Christianity in Western Europe, the development of government in Western Civilization, or important literary works or philosophies.

  2. Using 3000 BC – AD 924 as your boundaries, choose 5 events to place on your timeline.

  3. Create the timeline on your computer. Use one of the following free websites or computer programs to create your timeline and rationale:

    1. www.myhistro.com

    2. www.timeglider.com

    3. Microsoft Power Point or Word

  4. Place events on the line in such a way that a clear chronological scale is evident.

  5. The presentation should be professional, well-written, clear and creative.

  6. Include a creative title for your timeline which matches the theme you have chosen.

  7. For assistance with creating the timeline, see the document titled “Tutorials for Timeline Creation.”

Rationale Requirements:

  1. As a separate Word document, compose a 700–1000-word essay explaining the theme and significance of these events.

  2. Sources: Do not use outside sources for this assignment. Do not include any quotations. Draw all material from the textbook and lectures within the course, summarize and paraphrase in your own words, and include parenthetical citations indicating the page number or lecture from which your information is derived. Do not include a bibliography page.

    1. Example: The invention of the McCormick Reaper was a significant step in the changing scope of agriculture as it allowed farmers to plow larger wheat fields and plant bigger crops (490).


  1. Both parts of the timeline should meet college-level standards for writing.

  2. A clear chronological scale should be evident in the timeline, and each item should fall between the dates provided.

  3. Consideration will be given to analysis and support.

  4. Consideration will be given to organization, presentation, and creativity.

  5. See Timeline Exercise Grading Rubric for details and point distribution.


  • If you used one of the websites to create your timeline, copy the permanent Link for your timeline (each program has an option for sharing) and paste that in the submission text box. Then upload the rationale as a separate document. You should have a total of two submissions.

  • If you created your timeline in Power Point or Word then submit both documents through the submission link in Blackboard. You should have a total of two submissions.

  • Do not email documents to your instructor unless given specific instruction to do so.

Timeline Exercise Tutorials

Using MyHistro.com

  1. Go to www.myhistro.com

  2. Click on Myhistro for Personal Use

  3. Create a free account by clicking “Sign up”

Using timeglider.com

  1. For an overview of its use, visit www.timeglider.com/how_it_works

  2. Go to www.timeglider.com

  3. Create a free account by clicking “Start a Timeline, It’s Free”

Using PowerPoint or Word Document


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