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To complete the assignment, you need to: Choose a course-related topic.Some examples might be the development of sensory abilities during infancy, the relationship between the development of psychol

To complete the assignment, you need to:  

  • Choose a course-related topic.
  • Some examples might be the development of sensory abilities during infancy, the relationship between the development of psychological disorders, genes, and the environment, or Piaget’s theoretical approach to cognition.
  • Review all the course content about your topic.
  • Refine and paraphrase course content for use in your infographic.
  • Outside research is discouraged and shouldn’t be needed to complete the assignment.
  • Content must be paraphrased and originally created to avoid violations of the USF Academic Integrity policy.
  • You should include your own examples of the concepts in the infographic (e.g., giving original examples of what we might see from a child going through Piaget's stages)
  • Design and develop a 1-page infographic using Canva.
  • Submit the final creative project.

Please view the rubric below to see what criteria will be used to assess your project. While the project is worth 60 points overall, point values for each criterion listed on the rubric will be determined by the instructor. 

About Canva and Infographics

If Canva Links to an external site. is new to you, it is a free, web-based software able to produce a variety of graphics, including infographics.  With a free account, Canva will enable you to make a professionally designed infographic using their templates and tools.  There are other software platforms available through the Adobe Creative Cloud and other applications that may be alternatively used to complete the assignment.  Please talk to your instructor if you would like to use something other than Canva. 

 Canva provides good guidance Links to an external site. on both how to make infographics and what content makes for a strong infographic.   A few other resources for developing are these pieces from Copypress Links to an external site. and Venngage Links to an external site..  The Venngage information has many examples to consider as you think about your infographic. 

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