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transfer excel content

Transfer my Excel content to Word format. 

Completed Risk Register (for risks being addressed) including (at minimum):

  • Risks identified - including how they were identified 
  • Risk Analysis (show your work!) - explain why risks were rated as they are, what the analysis shows and next steps based on that
  • Risk Response Plan - and integration with your other project plan deliverables.  Be sure to explain this very specifically - not just that the risk was mitigated and the strategy and its detail for that, but how the other planning deliverables have been changed based on that.  Include a revised analysis of risk based on that response handling.  The intent is to be sure the risk work is value added.  Also be sure to identify and address secondary risks.

I will submit my risk register, and you help me to trans the content of my risk register, the final format should be Risk Report. 

 at  least 5 pages 

Please on time and follow my requirement!!!!

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