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Two Page APA Business Venture

APA Format

Hi! Please read the following: and use for reference:

Barringer, B.R.(2015) Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures (5th ed.)

Pearson Education, USA

And any creditable sources that you can find 

Sustainability using the Triple Bottom Line 

Two page paper, due Sunday midnight Pacific time. February 12th, 2017. 

1.    Learning Objective:  Apply collaborative leadership models to establish a new venture. 

2.    Learning Objective:  Understand the challenges of operating, growing and ending a business.   

3.    Learning Objective:  Analyze and develop a framework for sustainability using the triple bottom line (people, planet and profit). 

This assignment requires identification of two positive and two negative practices concerning sustainability within an instructor-approved organization utilizing the triple bottom line.  Sustainability is a vital component of any successful business operation, and it is important for all business leaders to understand the value of the triple bottom line.  By assessing an organization as based upon ecological and social performance in addition to financial performance an organization will have a well rounded focus on the people, planet, and profit.   

Introduction: This paper requires the identification of two positive and two negative practices concerning sustainability utilizing the triple bottom line. 

Successful organizations today need to focus on sustainability and the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit).  In the past, many organizations were primarily only concerned with profit; however, with issues such as global warming there is a need to focus on the critical aspect of sustainability.  Companies need to help reduce their negative impact on people and the planet and bring focus back to creating an environmentally friendly organization.   

Select an organization to assess sustainability.  Be sure that you are able to find sufficient data on the company you choose related to their vision, mission and sustainability goals.  Evaluate the sustainability practices of the company by assessing two positive and two negative practices concerning sustainability as it applies to people, the planet, or profit.   

This paper is your opinion based upon and substantiated by the research you have conducted.  Remember you must cite your sources at least three times in the paper and you must use APA.  Be sure you have an introduction, and analysis and a conclusion.  The following describes how this paper will be graded.  The questions and comments below are designed for you to read and consider before turning in your work. 

Your paper answers the following issues (not necessarily in this order): 

Examine sustainability in the context of the organization you selected.

Why is sustainability a significant factor or entrepreneurial success?

Explain the triple bottom line and how sustainability is a factor within the selected organization.

Identify two positive and two negative aspects regarding sustainability within the organization you are analyzing.

Introduction (20 Points) 

Does the introduction explain what the paper is about?  Does it give a quick overview of the ways that the chosen organization has displayed sustainability with respect to the triple bottom line? 

Analysis (40 Points) 

Examine sustainability and assess the triple bottom within an organization you have selected.  Identify and analyze two positive and negative aspects regarding sustainability within this organization. 

Conclusion (20 Points)     

Bring together the key concepts developed throughout your paper, and do not introduce new ideas within the conclusion of your paper. 

Process, Punctuation and Grammar (20 Points) 

Are all of the words spelled correctly? 

Are the correct words used? 

Is the wording smooth to read? 

Does the paper follow APA Guidelines? 

Is the paper interesting? 

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