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Type: Individual ProjectUnit: The Data & Business Logic LayersDue Date: Tue,11/13/18Grading Type: NumericPoints Possible: 125Points Earned: Deliverable Length: Windows Form Application Project and

Type: Individual Project

Unit:  The Data & Business Logic Layers

Due Date:  Tue,11/13/18

Grading Type: Numeric

Points Possible:  125

Points Earned: 

Deliverable Length:  Windows Form Application Project and all other necessary files

Using the project you started in Week 2 Individual Project, verify the business logic layer (middle tier) is working correctly and make the connection to the database, implementing the logic in the data layer provided to manipulate the data stored in the database portion of the n-tier system.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Add the following to the Phase 2 individual project:
    • Add a new Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service library project to the Phase 2 individual project to communicate with the Data Access tier.
    • Add the necessary queries and methods to the table adapters that will return, add, edit, and delete the data from the tables specified in Phase 2.
    • Add references in the Data Service to the Data tier and Data Access tier projects.
    • Add methods to the Data Service class created in Step 1 that will call into the Data Access tier.
  • Make sure that separate tiers are created for each layer by verifying that separate class libraries were created and the necessary references to the project were added.
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