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types of conspiracy categories, and the USA Patriot Act

This assignment will focus on the various types of conspiracy categories. Understanding the type of conspiracy will aid an investigator in better understanding the crime being investigated.

1. Describe in detail a wheel conspiracy, a chain conspiracy, and a combination conspiracy (2-3 sentences each).

2. Describe one or more examples of a crime commonly committed in each type of conspiracy?

The USA Patriot Act will be the focus of this assignment. This act is important because it changed the way law enforcement officials were able to investigate possible terrorist crimes. Specifically, it allowed law enforcement flexibility in how much and in what way information could be obtained when investigating possible terrorism threats.

1. In your own words, explain the USA Patriot Act. Make sure to cover the importance of this act and how it can be used to help in the fight against terrorism. Your response should include 4-6 sentences.

2. Give two or more examples of how the act can be used to prove conspiracies among terrorist groups. Please respond in 4-6 sentences.

Here is the Readings:

In Conspiracy investigations, read

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Conspiracy

Chapter 2 – Legal Issues

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