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U1DB: Contemporary Issues in Healthcare

COURSE: Contemporary Issues in Healthcare

Unit: Understanding Health Care in the United States

Deliverable Length: 3-4 Paragraphs

Assignment Details:

In this unit, you will be examining current issues in health care, including competing arguments in support and in opposition. For this task, you will analyze what is driving the cost of health care.

As of yet, the increase in expenditure is not attributable to one single factor, but rather a multitude of them. Based on your research, determine the 3 major factors that lead to the increase in health care costs in the United States, and determine what potential reasons exist that would allow for the increase in the cost of health care. The potential reasons that exist are a topic of much debate.

You are to focus on what you believe is the 1 major potential reason driving the expenditure.

If you choose to use an idea that is supported by someone else, you must acknowledge this person's idea and properly reference it using APA format. You are to also include your personal reasons (based on research) that support and explain why you feel this is the major reason influencing expenditure. 

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