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Course: Human Resource Management in Healthcare

Unit: Strategy and Organizational Systems

Deliverable Length: 400-600 words

As the new human resources (HR) manager, you have been asked to review the current workforce policies to ensure compliance with laws that would impact the health care organization. Your organization offers home health nurse aides as part of its services. Home health nurses bathe, feed, and dress homebound patients before moving to the next client. Home health nurses perform the same duties as the nurse's aide in the hospital but are not entitled to receive minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Home health nurses are exempt under the Act because they are considered domestic employees. Complete the following:

  • Locate a peer-reviewed paper that discusses the impact of the Fair Labor Standards Act on home care workers.
  • Post the article as an attachment.
  • Provide a summary of the article.
  • State whether you agree or disagree that home health nurse aides should be eligible for minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act. 
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