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Course: Human Resource Management in Healthcare

Unit: Organizing for Human Resources

Deliverable Length: 400-600 words

As with other health care industries, the dental industry licenses many of its professionals (e.g., dentists and dental hygienists) to ensure public safety. The introduction of proposals for 2 new dental health workers, the dental health therapist and the advanced dental hygiene practitioner, has sparked considerable debate in the dental care industry. Complete the following:  

  • Research professional dental and dental hygiene organizations' Web sites until you understand the scope of training and role in dentistry for each type of proposed practitioner.
  • Post an article that relates to dental health therapists and advanced dental hygiene practitioners.
  • On the Discussion Board, post your perspective on this new trend of midlevel practitioners as it relates to public safety, competence to practice dental care, and increasing patient access to dental services. Support your views with information from the articles.
  • State whether you agree or disagree with the proposal to create dental health therapists and the advanced dental hygiene practitioners.
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